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Meat rendering factory opens in Hazelmere



THE new $10 million Craig Mostyn Group red meat rendering facility was opened at Talloman in Hazelmere earlier this month.

The low temperature rendering plant uses waste heat evaporation that was commissioned after a global search of technologies by CMG general manager for recycling Greg Lott, Talloman divisional manager Andrew Bennett and CMG engineer Ray Clarke.

The waste heat evaporation delivers a 40 per cent reduction in gas usage, improves waste water quality by removing nutrients and reduces chemical and electricity use in the waste water treatment plant.

It also reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

Mr Lott said the low temperature rendering also significantly reduced odour emissions.

The plant will process about 100,000 tonnes a year at a rate of 20 tonnes per hour of abattoir and boning waste products to produce meat and bone meal and tallow.

The plant will service the majority of the red meat industry from Gingin out to Tammin and down to Bunbury as well as the metropolitan area.

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